No Grey Area

I haven’t always been a “devout” Catholic – and by that, I mean believing and living by ALL of the principles of the Catholic faith. It is only through going through the RCIA process (as my husband’s sponsor and now as a team member teaching it) that I have come to an all  new appreciation of our faith and its teachings and am trying my best to live by them. I don’t mean to sound all “holy roller” – but I do believe in the right to life, the sanctity of marriage between a man and woman,  the chaste single life (so to spell it out, I’m against abortion, gay marriage and contraception) – you  know, the tough issues that are hard to “sell” to the world at large – and specifically to my five teenage and young adult children. And especially hard to defend in this upcoming election – because they are not “popular”. But in my heart I know I must defend them – and while I would love to attract all readers with my novels, I have to admit that my next novel coming out, The Peace Maker” is going to “turn off” some readers with its defense of some of these issues. It’s about a future presidential election – it has a Catholic candidate running for President – it’s about politics and God – because I believe it’s time to take a stand for what we believe. You may have noticed I used the word “grey” – yes, to catch your attention if you’ve read “50 Shades” – which I will not pass judgement on since I haven’t read it – but will offer you an alternative if you are trying to remain strong about not reading it if it is against your principles: try “The Faithful One” or “The Peace Maker” (due out Oct.10). They’re fast-paced, real-life drama (with some romance!) and since they’re based on Bible stories, carry a message from God. Thanks to all who listen. Search your heart and pray – you will find the answers – when it comes time to vote and in every day life. God Bless!

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