Lesson Learned: First Shall Be Last

Remember today’s Gospel reading? I was in the Mustard Seed Christian Book Store in Rehoboth Beach yesterday talking to the owner, Amy Mitchell, and another author, John Ritchie, about doing a joint author book signing on Oct. 7 in the store. Amy Mitchell is the nicest person and was so accommodating – I was only at the beach for the day and she dropped everything to introduce John and I to each other and neet with us to discuss the upcoming event. It’s a small, quaint store off the main drag of Rehoboth’s shops that carries Christian books and gifts – one of three Mustard Seed stores in lower Delaware. Amy has never hosted a book signing before. Nearby is a much bigger, busier bookstore. I walked in to leave a copy of my book in hopes that they will sell it. I also asked about doing a book signing there. The manager told me not to get my hopes up – they are very busy, (didn’t I know they are the 7th largest independent bookstore in the country?), and they usually only host big name authors (including Jill Biden) – and didn’t have much more time to talk to me than that. I left frustrated – and wishing I could do a book signing in this busy store on the main drag instead. But after reflecting on the Gospel, I realized that I shouldn’t think like this – that God was sending me a message that I need to work with those to whom He leads me, who want to work with me, even if they seem to be “the least” or smaller in size; that this doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things because this is His plan, and He’s steering the ship. And I need to get over my ego, just like the big bookstore, and be open and kind to all, just like Ms. Amy – and good things will come to pass! If you’re at the beach on Oct. 7, please stop into the Mustard Seed (across from Nicola Pizza) between 1-3 pm and see us!

Michele Chynoweth

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