Just saw the movie this weekend – and if even a part of it is true, I am uneasy at best. As some of you may have gathered, my new novel, The Peace Maker, is based on a fictional presidential election – set in 2024. While it is based on the Bible’s  Book of Samuel 1 – in particular, the story of Abigail and David, the plot (featuring the David character as a candidate) deals with how the best leader is one who focuses on God’s Will – and a whole host of issues including the Right to Life, human trafficking, defending Israel, dirty politics, alcoholism and Al-anon and more. My hope is that I will help readers follow their heart – and their faith – in voting this election. See the movie, follow the news, read my novel (available  Oct. 1 on Amazon & Barnes & Noble), turn to the Bible, pray – but above all, talk to God – a lot is at stake this November.


Michele Chynoweth

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