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Did you know that 34% of entrepreneurs who publish a book double their rates? Or do you have a story in you that needs to be told? Whether you want to write fiction or non-fiction, a novel, memoir or a “how-to” or “self-help” book based on your expertise, Bestselling Author and Book Coach Michele Chynoweth will help you go from writer to SUCCESSFUL AUTHOR! Through her “Your Book Done Right” Master Class and “Your Book Done Right” Elite Coaching she will not only help you elevate your writing from good to GREAT, she’ll walk you through the steps it takes to see your dream become a reality…to help you write your book, and even edit, publish and even market it so you have the know-how to become a Bestselling Author!   

If you follow Michele’s 8 Simple Steps to get YOUR BOOK DONE RIGHT, you will have your book done, and done well, in no time! Writing a book is a lot like building the house of your dreams; you need to decide what you want and then obtain the right blueprint, learn the craft, follow the right instructions and do the work. It’s okay though if you’re not a master homebuilder (or writer); all you need is the right writing mentor or book coach. To get you started, here’s a Preview of:

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Michele’s 8-Week Master Class & Elite Coaching:

  1. PURPOSE – Why are you writing this book? Develop your mission and message.
  2. PEOPLE – For whom are you writing this book? And who is telling the story? Identify your audience, voice, point of view and genre.
  3. PLOT – What is your book about? Write a synopsis, chapter outline/table of contents.
  4. PLAN – When will you write? Schedule your writing time and start!
  5. POWERFUL STYLE – Master the craft of great writing!
  6. POLISHING – Learn how to edit your book to make it shine…and sell!
  7. PUBLISHING – Review various options, make a decision, develop your approach.
  8. PROMOTING – It’s never too early to begin…Michele has 30 Years of Marketing Expertise and Can Help You with Marketing, Publicity & Platform so you will successfully launch your book!

Now You Can Get the One-on-One Coaching You’ve Always Wanted! It’s Time to Turn ‘Dreaming’ into ‘Doing’!

You’ve been dreaming of writing a book for years…and yet sadly, it’s still just a dream…

You know you want to write a book…you may have even decided what it’s going to be about, who your readers will be, how your book will tell your story, help your business, and help other people…but you just can’t seem to find the time, the words, the motivation to get it done. You know you want to be an author. So what’s stopping you from starting, or finishing and publishing that book of yours?

Do one of the following reasons (aka excuses) sound a little too familiar?

  • I have no clue how to even begin writing a book.
  • I don’t think I have the talent or ability to really be an author.
  • Every time I sit down at my laptop to write, I feel like I have writer’s block and simply stare at the blank screen in front of me.
  • Life always gets in the way! I’m too busy at work and at home to find the time to write, even though I really want to do this.
  • I’m not sure if what I want to write will really be what readers want to read.
  • I’ve actually started writing my book but feel stuck.
  • I’ve finally written my book (or most of it) but feel it’s not good enough to get published…yet
  • I just need some help to get it done but am not sure who to turn to and trust.

Now, with Book Coach Michele Chynoweth’s “Your Book Done Right” Master Class and Elite Coaching, you will finally be able to start to turn your dream of writing a book and becoming an author into a reality!

Through her 8-Week Live-Led Online Program, you will be able to not only write but potentially finish your book and get it published…PLUS learn Marketing Strategies that will help you successfully launch your book!

Book Coach Michele Chynoweth has helped many writers become published authors and is ready to help you too! Michele is herself an award-winning and best-selling author of four books, The Faithful One, The Peace Maker, The Runaway Prophet and The Jealous Son, a college writing instructor and a motivational speaker who has been on the faculty of several writers’ conferences across the U.S.

But not only will you learn from Michele, you will be a part of a small group of other writers, just like you, and you will benefit from the group’s collective experience, common concerns, and even writing critiques and feedback…and those all-important reviews!

If you enroll in Michele’s book coaching program, you will:

  1. Wake up every morning with renewed passion to Write Your Book RIGHT NOW!
  2. Get back in the driver’s (or writer’s) seat with a roadmap to getting your book done and in your hands!
  3. Be able to write a book like a pro who has spent years and tens of thousands of dollars!
  4. Finish your book in a fraction of the time it would have taken you on your own!
  5. Get a book published that looks great, reads great and has the potential to be a bestseller!
  6. Become an author (no longer just a writer!)
  7. Have more credibility in your field by being an “expert” thanks to the prestige of your book!
  8. Make more money due to book sales and getting higher fees!
  9. Have the satisfaction of accomplishing one of your ultimate dreams: being an author!
  10. Get more recognition, prominence and even fame – imagine book signings and speaking engagements where people line up to buy your book – plus entering contests to win awards, speaking at book festivals and conferences, and more!
  11. Feel confident in your purpose of why you need to write your book.
  12. Know you are helping others and making a real difference in the world!

Why is this program different?

  • It uses a proven step-by-step program that Michele has taught in college classrooms for years.
  • It provides strategies, tools and tactics so you get your book done faster, better and more cost-effectively.
  • You receive Live Online Instruction online from an experienced book coach, best-selling author, college writing instructor and faculty member of writing conferences across the country!
  • You receive in-between-class, One-on-One Mentoring and Professional Editing that will hold you accountable, track your progress and help you become a better writer and actually get your book done!
  • You receive Peer Feedback together with expert facilitation which provides camaraderie, comfort and perspective, support and feedback.
  • You learn, discuss, apply and see real results – immediately!

See What Others Are Saying …

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– Candy Abbott,

Owner Fruitbearer Publishing, LLC

"Michele has not only edited my own book and works with my publishing company as an editor and marketer, but she is a woman of integrity who is extremely dependable. As a book coach, she is careful to guard the author's voice while identifying areas in the manuscript that can be strengthened. She works quickly and efficiently with excellence.”

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– Larry Scanlan,

Author of Business Practices, Biblical Promises

"Without Michele’s assistance, my book would have never seen the light of day. Her book coaching service is an investment that is well worth it…my books are already selling and getting rave reviews!”

A woman with short hair smiles for the camera.

– Jacinta Fontenelle,

Author of Contemporary Psalms

“Special thanks to Michele Chynoweth who came alongside me and gave the push that I needed in order to complete this project at a time when I was experiencing discouragement from previous unsuccessful attempts to complete the book.”

A woman with long hair and green eyes.

– Jordan Oliver,

Author of Drafted

“Thank you to my book coach Michele Chynoweth for making this book a reality. For a first-time author, the publishing can be intimidating and overwhelming, but Michele made it easy. I had been working on my book for seven years, and she brought me across the finish line!”

A man with glasses and a beard wearing a jacket

– Ed Samuel,

Author of Optimize Your Resume

"Michele was invaluable in helping me publish my first book. She knows it all: layout, design, editing, proofing, pricing, publishing, marketing and more. I highly recommend her to anyone needing help in this arena."

A man with a beard and mustache is looking at the camera.

– Norman Gaither,

Author of Cecilia’s Satchel, (A Novel)

“My sincerest thanks to Michele Chynoweth for all her guidance, publishing knowledge and editing talents. I could not have done this without her.”

A woman with short hair wearing a tie.

– Susan W. Green,

former course student

“I had so many questions about writing a book. My good fortune was attending Michele's writing course, which covered not only good writing techniques but also marketing techniques and publishing options. Michele critiqued our writing samples and provided solid feedback. Her encouragement and vast experience helped me to create a roadmap to complete my first novel, which she is helping me get to the market later this summer."

Now You Can Get the Help You Need!

Writing a book is a lot like building the house of your dreams; you need to decide what you want and then obtain the right blueprint, learn the craft, follow the right instructions and do the work. It’s okay though if you’re not a master homebuilder (or writer); all you need is the right writing mentor or book coach.

Don’t miss this challenging, rewarding and fun course – and make your book dream a reality!

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