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Thanks for visiting my website! I hope you will find, in reading about me and, especially, in reading my books, that what they say is true - strangers are only friends we haven't met yet - and that we are indeed friends. My sincere hope is that you not only enjoy the stories in my novels - but discover that they help you find a little more faith.

A Little About Me...

My husband Bill and I live in my native Maryland and have a blended family of five children - three boys and two girls who are mostly out on their own now - and I'm a grandmother! I love to read, travel, swim, take long walks, and most of all to write! I think I was born loving to write...I remember I wrote my first "novel" in a spiral-bound notebook when I was ten-years-old about a girl and her dog. But my dream of being a novelist was put on hold as "life" and its myriad responsibilities took hold, including careers as a news reporter, advertising agency owner and marketing director to help put food on the table. Fortunately, the dream God placed on my heart resurfaced and He called me to write a modern-day novel based on the Bible's Book of Job, which became The Faithful One. Looking back I see He had a plan...I was a lot like my Job character: I was losing my marriage, my business, my kids (who were becoming teenagers and, it seemed, no longer needed their mom) and finally, my health through a debilitating disease. Like my Job character, Seth Jacobs, I held onto that last shred of faith and through the grace of God got my health, family and life back in a richer, fuller way. I was healed through my writing - and knew I could help give others hope too. 

...and My Mission

I am the author of of several Modern Day Bible Stories, contemporary, suspense-filled novels that "re-imagine" Old Testament Stories for today's readers. Let's face it, the Old Testament stories in the Bible are a little hard to read - yet God's messages in them are as powerful for us today as they were thousands of years ago. I believe God has called me to "re-imagine" these Bible stories through fast-paced, entertaining, exciting fiction, written so that today's readers can better relate to what God is trying to tell us.