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The Wise Man

Kirk Cameron, Actor (“Growing Pains,” “Left Behind,” “Fireproof”), Christian Activist, Author of Still Growing, An Autobiography

“A riveting, ripped-from-the-headlines suspense that goes behind the scenes of the Supreme Court,
The Wise Man reveals the magnitude of making a decision on one of the most important issues of our lifetime.”

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The Wise Man

Nancy Stafford, Actress (“Matlock”, “First Lady"), Speaker, and Author of The Wonder of His Love: A Journey into the Heart of God and Beauty by the Book: Seeing Yourself as God Sees You

“Michele Chynoweth takes another familiar Bible story and reimagines it into a modern-day suspense set in the halls of power, luxury, and influence that is especially timely for today.  An intriguing and highly relevant read—you won’t be disappointed!”

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The Jealous Son

CINDY BOND, Mission Films, Producer of the Hit Movie I Can Only Imagine

"This is edgy inspirational fiction at its best! Just like my favorite movies, The Jealous Son is entertaining, heart-wrenching and packed with a powerful message."

The Jealous Son


“Chynoweth manages to make the story feel incredibly visceral. She shows a talent for taking small details from the original Bible story and turning them into valuable plot developments; along the way, her characters learn from one another. The key to the novel’s success is the author’s ability to provide deep insights into her characters’ tumultuous mental states.”

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The Jealous Son

Lisa Carter, Award-winning author of Under a Turquoise Sky and The Stronghold

“Fully developed characters parallel to those in the Biblical account of Cain and Abel come to life amidst the intriguing culture of the Navajo Nation…A thoughtful, contemporary take on the consequences of unchecked jealousy. Yet despite despair and guilt, Chynoweth also paints a vivid picture of how overcoming hope and forgiveness can be found in God.”

The Faithful One

KIRKUS Reviews

"…an exploration of what a contemporary Job might look like, Chynoweth’s tale should more than satisfy."

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The Faithful One

Dr. Thelma Wells, (aka “Mama T” of Women of Faith Conferences), Founder of A Woman of God Ministries and Generation Love-Divine Explosion, Speaker, Author, Television Host, and Professor

"Understanding faith can be perplexing for some of us but the story Michele tells in this profound book is worth reading by all of us. She lets us know that faith is not only a mystery, it is a progression of our lives and a product of God Almighty for us to live by day after day."

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The Faithful One

Gus Lloyd, Author of "Magnetic Christianity" and "A Minute in the Church" and Host of "Seize the Day" on The Catholic Channel

"It often seems that the great characters of the Bible are so far removed from us. We sanitize them and dehumanize them. The Faithful One puts the character of Job into a whole new contemporary light. The story makes his struggles so much more tangible and relatable to today’s audience. Kudos to Michele Chynoweth for helping us get a better handle on what Job may have gone through. It certainly makes my struggles seem much smaller!"

The Peace Maker

Kentucky Monthly Magazine

"In this contemporary retelling of the Bible’s First Book of Samuel, the story of David and Abigail stands the test of time."

The Peace Maker

- 5-STAR REVIEW by Samantha Rivera for Readers' Favorite International Book Awards

"The Peace Maker by Michele Chynoweth is the type of story that many young women have lived in one way or another. Many of us have been like Chessa, caught between the one we love and doing what's right…"

The Runaway Prophet

Alexandra Karlessas for Delaware Today Magazine

"With another novel that will put you on the edge of your seat, author Michele Chynoweth delights again with The Runaway Prophet. Prepare to be swept up inside this page-turner…through one heart-stopping event after another, Rory and a team of investigators battle against the clock to remove the mafia and the dangerous bomb they’ve planted somewhere underground. The Runaway Prophet will keep you riveted."

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The Runaway Prophet

Pastor Chris Whaley - Author of The Masked Saint, a memoir and major motion picture (Winner of Best Picture, 2015 International Christian Film Festival)

The Runaway Prophet was hard to put down. The author has done a great job of taking the Book of Jonah and making it come to life in the modern era. It’s a great book—now it needs to be made into a movie!”

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